These TapInPay Payment Terms and Conditions (these “TapInPay Payments Terms”) are a legal agreement between you (“you” or “your”) and TapIn Payments Inc. (“TapInPay”, “we”, “us” or “our”) that govern your use of the TapInPay Payments Service (as defined below). 







1. PAYMENT SERVICE refers to:

TapInPay Payment Service (hereinafter referred to as Payment Service)  allows users to collect payments online (Credit Card Payment/Interac/Apple Pay/Wechat/Alipay/) and offline (Bank Card payments via TapIn POS system). Users will be allowed to access their account and make use of the PAYMENT SERVICE with the TAPINPAY smartphone App


2. TRANSACTION FEES refers to:

TapIn Payment Inc. will collect transaction fees at an agreed rate from all actions of payment collection. The transaction fees will be deducted when a payment is made to the user’s account.


3. MONTHLY FEES refers to:

TapIn Payment Inc. will collect Monthly Fees of an agreed amount each month from each active account. Monthly Fees will be applied on the 1st day of each month.



A physical MasterCard connects to the cardholder’s TapInPay account, allowing the cardholder to spend the money available in the connected TapInPay account.


5. POS SYSTEM refers to:

A physical POS device that allows the user to accept payments from customers with physical bank cards.


6. SERVICE FEES refers to:

The fee is applied when the user uses “TAPINPAY MASTER CARD” or “E-TRANSFER” to make a payment and uses Interac to collect payment.






1. You must have a TapInPay account to access the “PAYMENT SERVICE” with all of the Eligible Devices.


2. You acknowledge that these Payments Terms will govern your use of the “PAYMENT SERVICE” across all of your Eligible Devices and that you will only be presented with these Payments Terms at the time you initially agree to use the “PAYMENT SERVICE” from TapInPay.


3. When you collect a payment, you authorize us to generate a payment request for you and deposit the Payment into your TapInPay Account after the payment is made by someone and after deducting the fees.


4. When you use “E-TRANSFER” or “MASTERCARD” to make a payment, you authorize us to withdraw the necessary funds from your TapInPay Account, which may be provided either to us directly or to the business to which you are making the Payment.


5. Your requested payments may be declined if you do not have sufficient funds available in your TapInPay Account to meet the requested amount.


6. There are fees for using the PAYMENT SERVICE.


7. The PAYMENT SERVICE allows you to transfer the money in your TapIn Pay account to any person via the TapInPay E-Transfer service or spend it with the TapInPay MasterCard


8. The PAYMENT SERVICE allows you to review and download your payment history. TapIn Pay will not provide or mail any paper copies to you.






1. “TRANSACTION FEES” are at a fixed rate of 3% for all credit payments, 1.5% for all WeChat/Alipay payments, and 0% for all Interac online and E-Transfer payments. The “TRANSACTION FEES” will be applied when the payment is received.


2. A fixed $0.85 “SERVICE FEES” will be charged when you collect payment via Interac online 


3. A fixed $0.35 “SERVICE FEES” will be charged when you collect payment via Interac E-Transfer


4. A fixed $1.75 “SERVICE FEES” will be charged per transaction when the account owner exceeds more than ten withdrawals in total via “E-TRANSFER” or “MASTERCARD” in a month.


5. TapInPay will collect $200 per device as the deposit and $45/month monthly rent if a POS System is required.


6. TapInPay will collect $9.99“MONTHLY FEES” starting from the third month of using the PAYMENT SERVICE.


7. TapInPay will collect $50 at one time when you apply for TapInPay MasterCard. 






1. Receiving Payments: This can vary due to the payment method and related restrictions.


2. Making Payments: $0.01 – $1,000 per transaction for regular account,  $0.01 – $25,000 per transaction for approved special inquire.


3. Limits are subject to change. We will notify you as required by applicable laws if these limits decrease. However, please note that we may lower these limits, impose additional limits, or cancel, delay, or block a payment without prior notice for security reasons or as otherwise described in these agreements. 


4. We may decline to complete or delay a Payment: (i) if we believe it may involve or result in a violation of applicable law or expose us to liability or risk of loss; (ii) if the payment instructions or authorization are unclear, ambiguous, or incomplete; (iii) if we identify a fraud or security risk involving an individual payment or the “PAYMENT SERVICE.”


5. We are not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from our delay or cancellation of a Payment or for any failure to notify you of such delay or cancellation, except as otherwise expressly provided in this agreement. You agree not to use the “PAYMENT SERVICE” in connection with unlawful domestic or international gambling websites or payment processors that support illegitimate gambling websites or to purchase illegal goods or services.






1. By signing this agreement, you will waive TapInPay from  the liabilities of the loss due to the reason of Service Crush 


2. You will take your own risk of any fraud if a chargeback happens, it will be at your own expense. TapInPay is reserved the right to charge back from your TapInPay account with proof.  




TapInPay is not responsible for transactions conducted on the platform. According to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to comply with the statement that you will not use TapInPay Services for unlawful, racist, invasive, abusive, vulgar, objectionable purposes, and more. 


TapInPay reserves the right to terminate your service accessibility in cases where the above conditions are violated. In addition to suspected illegal activity, we may also temporarily suspend or permanently terminate your user account in cases of


●    Prolonged user inactivity

●    Requests by governmental agencies or law enforcement

●    User’s own request


Here are some other instances when TapInPay can limit, suspend or terminate your account:


 1. TapInPay has the right to terminate the service immediately if the user is using or suspected of using the payment service for any illegal purpose.


2. TapInPay will give a 10-day’s notice if it decides to stop providing service.


3. You can cancel the service in the app anytime without giving TapInPay a notice.


4. There are no cancellation fees applied, but you will not get a refund for your current month’s service.


The termination process may be marked by discontinuation of services, disabling access to all TapInPay services, and deletion of all user-associated data stored on the account. Disabled or suspended accounts are typically terminated within 10 days. For any objections, you can reach out at customersupport@tapinpay.ca upon receiving your suspension notice.


Aside from personal accounts, TapInPay may also remove any third-party application from their list of serviceable integrations at any time. Though we will do our utmost to offer a warning, we reserve the right to suspend or disable access to any TapInPay services or third-party services at our discretion. 


Any such TapInPay service suspension will be conducted without posing any liability to you or your business. TapInPay aims to ensure such application termination will not negatively affect your client’s goodwill, profits, data, revenue, or loss.


Advance Notice of Charges


TapInPay charge details are provided alongside the subscription information for each plan. We will always inform you about potential charges before signup for any TapInPay service. 


TapInPay aims to provide utmost transparency with our services, including advance notices for changes in our agreement policy. Any additions in TapInPay’s payment/charge system will immediately be brought to your notice. 


We may opt to alter the prices for an existing plan or start charging for previously free services from time to time. In such cases, the changes will be applicable only from your subsequent payment renewal. Any increase or alteration in the charges will not be enforced until your current billing cycle is over.


All changes in the app charges will be conducted without liability for the downtime. TapInPay works to ensure that user accessibility is not affected by any alteration in its existing plans.


User Inactivity


TapInPay reserves the right to suspend accounts with an inactivity period of 120 days and more. Any unpaid, i.e., a non-premium account that has not seen user activity for four continuous months, will be deleted according to TapInPay User Accounts Policy.


TapInPay terminations include detention of all user-associated data on the account. Each plan on the TapInPay app will be treated as an individual subscription when calculating the inactivity period. Any plan that does not see individual user activity for 120 days or more is liable for cancellation. 


In the case of a company/joint account, activity from even one user login within 120 days is sufficient to prevent the account from being terminated. To ensure that you do not lose valuable information, TapInPay always sends advance notices before account termination with the option to back up your data. 


Arbitration Details


All agreements made under this policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein. 


Any or all disputes arising under this Agreement, be it in performance interpretation or otherwise, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of British Columbia. Each of the parties involved hereby attorns to the jurisdiction of the courts of such province.


In case of lawsuits and disputes arising from this Agreement, the governing legislation and jurisdiction will depend on


●    Your billing address if you are a paid TapInPay user

●    Your residential/ domicile state/country for non-paying TapInPay users.




If any part of this Agreement is found by the court to be unlawful, void, or is for any reason unenforceable, then that part will be deemed to be severed from the rest of the Agreement. 

It will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement.


All disputes subject to arbitration under the terms of this Agreement will be arbitrated under these terms.


Right to Assignment


On the TapInPay app, you have complete ownership over the data stored or created by you. We do not possess the discretion to modify, adapt, distribute, publish, licence, use, or sell your data to third parties for marketing or commercial purposes. 


We respect your right to your privacy, and unless granted special access by you, TapInPay does not possess the license to access your personal data.


However, according to our User Policy, TapInPay has your explicit permission to use, copy, reformat, create, distribute, transmit, and make public your account details for the purpose of providing necessary services. 


Since TapInPay can be integrated with several third-party platforms, you may need to comply with the Terms and Conditions of each application before using our services on these sites.


You are solely responsible for agreeing to the user and privacy policies of these third-party apps. TapInPay is not liable to the conditions and terms set by these merchants and parties. Upon agreeing to their policies, you take sole responsibility for all liabilities that may occur on these platforms.


Security Details


Unless explicitly specified, TapIn Payments does not offer seller/buyer protection for transactions made on the TapInPay platform. 


TapInPay should only be used for transferring funds to known individuals. For your security, do not use the app for transactions with unknown persons or parties, particularly for the purchase of goods and services. 


To avoid the risk of losing your funds, you should use TapInPay services only where applicable, including


●    With TapInPay-authorized parties and merchants

●    Using TapInPay Mastercard where applicable


However, Authorized Merchant Payment Cards or TapInPay Authorized Cards may be eligible for added security benefits.


To ensure that your TapInPay account is safe from unauthorized activity, you should check in on your transaction history every few days. TapInPay also sends receipts for each payment directly to your primary email address.


Billing Errors


Depending on your vendor and the services required, billing on the TapInPay app can be regular, or a one-time payment. For any issues with vendor-based transactions, you can reach out directly to the merchant.


If the other party is an authorized TapInPay user, you will typically receive the refunds within a few days. However, the refund mode may vary, and you may receive the amount directly in your bank account instead of your TapInPay wallet.


For any TapInPay, i.e., app-based errors, you should reach out to us immediately upon spotting the miscalculation. For a query to be valid, it must not be more than 60 days old from the first appearance of the error. 


When writing to/contacting us, you should provide us with the following information to ensure that your billing error is successfully processed


●    Full Name and Account Number

●   A detailed report about the type of billing error

●   The exact amount involved in the transaction


TapInPay considers only the following as valid “billing errors” all other forms of payment discrepancies fall under the user’s own responsibility. However, for any queries with your billing, you can reach out to our team at customersupport@tapinpay.ca


●    If your account is credited with an incorrect amount.

●    Computer or mathematical-related error on your TapInPay account

●    When a transaction is not credited or incorrectly credited to your account

●    When you send an outgoing payment, and it is wrongly debited on the receiver’s end.

●    When funds are incorrectly credited or debited from your TapInPay account.


Frauds/Drugs/Misuse Terms


TapInPay condemns all transactions that disregard applicable law. If you find anyone using TapInPay for any of these types of transactions as mentioned below, please let us know.


❖ Transactions for buying/selling tobacco items, legally prohibited substances, prescription drugs, steroids, narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and products that pose a health risk.
❖ Payments in support of fraudulent “get rich quick” schemes, like matrix programs and Ponzi/pyramid schemes, “phishing”, and more.
❖ ransactions facilitating the operation of multi-level marketing plans involving annuity purchases, lottery contracts, and offshore transactions to refinance debt.
❖ Payments involving gambling or any game/activity with an operation fee and a prize, including horse/greyhound racing, sports betting, casino games, lottery, activities that encourage gambling, sweepstakes, and more.
❖ Transactions that violate existing patents, third-party copyrights, intellectual property, rights of privacy, and more.
❖ Payments involving firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or weapons regulated by law.
❖ Transactions that involve pornography and other obscene items.
❖ Transactions in support of defamatory or libelous purposes.






1. The TapInPay team is ready to answer your queries. Please email us at customersupport@tapinpay.ca with your question when you need help.


2. Our business timings are 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday, excluding Canadian federal and provincial holidays. We will reach out to you during normal business hours.


Individual and Platforms use the TapIn Pay to collect online payments through Credit Card and gateways like PayPal and Wechat Pay, send email transfers and spend money with a TapIn Mastercard.

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