Maximize Your Sales Using a POS with TapIn Pay is Easy

Using these devices is not complicated, and you can easily accept payments for purchases made via TapIn Pay.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards, from MasterCard to Visa and Amex. Customers can swipe their cards at the machine to process their payments using a POS.

If you are a business with a TapIn Pay integrated machine, you can use it to either accept payments made via a TapIn Prepaid Mastercard or refund money back into the card. You need to manually input the data into the system or scan with your smartphone to process the payment amount.

Once complete, the amount gets transferred from the customer’s account directly into your TapIn Pay account.

Have access to your funds in just 4 days.

You can also choose to keep the amount in your account without worrying about security issues

All funds under TapIn Pay are handled by our trusted TD and RBC bank partners.

Once the item details have been fed into the system, you can ask the customer to swipe or tap their TapIn Mastercard to make the payment. They don’t need a signature input or pin unless the amount is over the threshold.

How to Use a POS with TapIn Pay

With a traditional cash-out system, you’ve to worry about employee errors, have limited functionality, and have restricted access to data. All this can divert your attention from your business’s core interest.

Installing a Point of Service or POS machine can eliminate your business’s daily checkout stress.

Using a TapIn Pay integrated POS helps you process purchases instantly without worrying about making mistakes with the billing.

With a TapIn Pay integrated POS payment system, you can accept all popular card payment methods - from Visa to Amex, including tap payments.

Using a POS offers you added security in billing while also optimizing transaction reports by tracking results in real time. We offer the latest Clover POS system and an all-digital framework.

Is Using TapIn POS Safe?

FINTRAC regulates all transactions on the platform to ensure proper financial compliance. According to the sign-up agreement, TapInPay can only access your funds according to the service terms, which are further limited to uses deemed necessary for payments.

Ready to get TapInPay for your business?

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Individual and Platforms use the TapIn Pay to collect online payments through Credit Card and gateways like PayPal and Wechat Pay, send email transfers and spend money with a TapIn Mastercard.

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